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Reasons Why Women’s Body Changes After Delivery

Nowadays women do not want to give birth because they do not want to alter with their body. Especially those women that want to maintain their body posture. During pregnancy a woman’s change is bound to change because it has to sustain a new life for nine months. The tummy expands since it has to accommodate the placenta that is carrying the baby. The Hips broaden because they have to get ready for childbirth. All these are among the changes that women see while they are pregnant. These changes do not stop after giving birth; they continue even after the baby is born.

There are many changes that occur to the body because of the hormones in the body both during pregnancy and even after pregnancy below are some of the changes that women experience. One of the significant change is that the breast change and expand in size The body causes this is producing prolactin the hormone that produces breast milk for the child. Therefore the beast have to enlarge to accommodate the babies milk. The second significant change that may happen to the body is that the stomach may enlarge and become baggy. This change is one of the changes that make women feel bad about themselves. Since the abdomen had expanded to fit a baby, therefore it takes time before the tummy goes back to its normal size. After a couple of days the tummy stretches back to its original size. To make this process easier there is need to try light exercises that are necessary for stretching the muscles of the body and therefore regain one’s original body weight.

Another change that women struggle with is hair loss. There are hormones that are secreted after childbirth that cause the hair to thinner and even fall out. Although the hair gets back into shape after a couple of weeks. There are products that are available in the market that can help in keeping the hair in truck. Another Significant change is loss of weight. Many women gain weight while pregnant, the weight is usually lost after childbirth. Another change that happens after delivery is that women experience difficulty while passing urine. This is because during childbirth the pelvis is usually under pressure.

women may experience heavy bleeding after giving birth. The blood on the uterine lining must be shed entirely. The bleeding usually take a few days before it clears completely. After childbirth, women miss their regular menstrual cycle for a few months.

Another change is that some women become emotional. There are times that mothers become all sad and gloomy. This episodes of feeling all irritable may go on for a couple of days. As a result of Pregnancy hormones there are mothers that experience poor visions.

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